About LXX Squadron

Palaestra per adventum, meaning training with adventure, is the motto of 70 (Croft & Culcheth) Squadron ATC. The unit is seated in the village of Croft, on the boundaries of the Greater Manchester Wing.

The Squadron began life as a Detached Flight of 1330 (Warrington) Squadron and initially established its’ HQ in the Croft Youth Centre. After some time the unit had grown from strength to strength and the drive for independence became stronger, as a result of growing numbers of recruits and enthusiastic staff; eventually in 1977 the unit gained full Squadron status.

On gaining independent status the search for the squadrons own home to establish its’ HQ began and after several unsuccessful attempts a location was sourced. The location sourced is still the current location of our HQ to this day, located behind the village Memorial Hall in Croft. Today the unit has benefited from an extension and refurbishment, which was completed in 2007.

The squadron boasts a strong bond with its’ regular counterpart, 70 Squadron RAF, which is stationed at RAF Brize Norton and affectionally known by members of 70 Squadron ATC as our big brother.

We offer an array of opportunities aimed at those who have an ambition to pursue a career in the Royal Air Force and those who simply wish to expand their minds away from the norm of life. The Squadron benefits from a vast military knowledge bank of adult instructors who have served in all three services and we have had success in helping those who wish to join HM Forces fulfil their ambition