What We Do


Cadets at all levels of the Air Training Corps have the opportunity to participate in the sport of rifle shooting.


Cadets from the Squadron are offered opportunities to fly in light aircraft, gliders and RAF aircraft.

Adventure Training

There is a wide range of activities you could try your hand at from water sports, to skiing.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a programme of practical and adventurous activities.


Cadets can participate in sports at various levels, gaining recognition for themselves, their Squadron, Wing and Region.

Field Craft

Field Craft teachers the cadets skills required to effectively work and live in a field environment.


Drill (marching) is a vital part of encouraging teamwork.


Although the Squadron does not have its own Marching Band it supports the activities of our Wing and Region

First Aid

All recruits will study the BHF ‘Heart Start’ Course and gain basic first aid knowledge and emergency lifesaving skills.