Details For Next Parade

Next Parade 06/02/2023
Hawk intake n/a
Tucano intake No. 2a
Liberator – Section 1 No. 2a
Liberator – Section 2 No. 2a
Lancaster – Section 4 No. 2a
Lancaster – Section 5 No. 2a
Duty NCO Cpl Bailey
Other Information:

Bring sports kit, note book and pen to all parades

Additional parades:

Title:    Youth First Aid

Who:    As selected

Date:    4th and 5th February

Meeting place:   Sqn HQ

Meeting time:    0845

Uniform:    Civvies

Packed lunch req’d:  Yes

Payment:   No

Forms:   No


All details should be confirmed with Cadet Portal. Cadets should not be left at drop off points until you have seen a member of Staff.